Survey methods

I use a wide range of survey methods, working with my clients and leading survey data collection firms to determine the best fit - with maximum validity and reliability - for a particular project. Among the approaches I use:

  • Probability-based online
  • Dual-frame (landline + cell) random digit dial telephone with live interviewers
  • Mixed-mode (mail, online and/or phone)
  • Innovative techniques to sample rare populations

I employ rigorous sampling principles that have been proven over many decades, while applying solutions developed more recently to address modern challenges to collecting survey data.

I draw from the psychology and survey research literature and 20 years of experience with many hundreds of questionnaires to draft and test survey questions that engage respondents and clearly convey and measure what you want to know.

I pride myself on insightful data analysis, presented clearly, engagingly and accurately. And with extensive news wire service background and in my current work managing exit polls for NBC News, I know how to report data very quickly - often under intense deadline pressure.

In all my work I abide by the American Association for Public Opinion Research Code of Professional Ethics and Practices and the National Council on Public Polls Principles of Disclosure.


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